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Welcome to the Courageous Walkers House!

Here you will find a safe space that promotes internal healing, strengthens identity, provides strong biblical foundation, supplies practical solutions, demolishes strongholds, builds relationships and pushes you into purpose!! Low self esteem, insignificance, mental illness, spiritual brokenness, and lack of identity have been a hinderance for far too long and NOW must go! NOW is the time for A Fresh Yes, so that You Can Go🏃🏽‍♀️! Surrender, Obedience, and Expectation are sure to propel you on your walk in Purpose! Come on and walk with me & JC! See Ecclesiastes 4:9,10,12; Genesis 50:20

Premium Healing and Strategy Consultation $225.00

In this 90-min. session you must come prepared to do the soul work needed to identify blocks, be prepared to receive instructions, and be surrendered to God, to walk out the instructions to get through your hinderances! Let’s grow!

More About Dr. Stacy Smartt-Gibson

Stacy Smartt-Gibson is a Kingdom-building, Apostolic Intercessor who uses her Prophetic voice in the Marketplace. She has done this by leaning into a passion to facilitate inner healing, strengthen identity in Christ, and impart A Fresh Yes!TM to women who have struggled with identifying their purpose, and achieving their goals. Through her dynamic style of biblical teaching, one-on-one intensives and group coaching, Stacy’s transformational leadership style empowers women to overcome mental, emotional, and spiritual limitations. She uses practical solutions and biblical truths captured in the six Release Keys, that allow the women to walk away empowered to believe boldly, speak powerfully, build authentically, and walk their dreams out unapologetically. She is also a RN, Author, Identity and Discipleship Coach, Mentor, wife, sister and friend. Her love for God is authentic, and her heart to serve is true.

For more information on collaborations, speaking, mentoring or Biblical education classes, email info@Courageouswalker.com or call 240-640-4628.

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